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Strata Residential Cleaning Services in Sydney

Let our cleaning team

Take Exceptional
Care Of Your Building

Poor cleaning standards hurt your home and affect your living. They also decrease the property’s value. You may also need to deal with the owners and help them increase the value of their investment properties. We know how important thorough cleaning of a building can be and how it may make your residents feel. We, at Timeless Commercial Clean, understand how to maintain and extend the life of carpets and fixtures in a building. Leave cleaning to us!

We will stop at nothing to ensure that you are getting the white-glove services you deserve. Count on Timeless Commercial Clean to take care of your needs and put forth a plan that will point out and address those needs through our cleaning services. We are dependable, and we will not only meet your expectations, but we will also go above and beyond all of your cleaning wants and desires.

Experienced and responsive

Strata Cleaning

Regardless of whether you have a vast building with lots of hallways and doors or you manage a small block of townhouses, we have you covered. No request is too large or too little. We can conquer it all. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted names in the industry, and we did not achieve that overnight. We are consistent in our services, and we provide excellent results at competitive prices.

Our team of professional cleaners has experience with handling all types of rooms – master bedrooms or bathrooms; children’s rooms or kitchens and living rooms. We can handle it all!

In addition to our providing of great cleaning services, you can be sure that the strata residential cleaning services you receive will be done with green in mind. We try our best to use products and cleaning solutions that are tested to be environmentally friendly and healthy.

You can also share with us how often you need our services. We are extremely accommodating. We can come to your home as often as once a week or as rarely as once a month. It is ultimately up to you. Hiring professional cleaning service will leave your home looking spotless. Place your trust in us, and we will be sure to provide great services.

Services We Provide

  • Vacuum and mop carpets as well as hardwood and tile floors
  • Empty trash bins and replace the trash bin liners
  • Clean rooms and hallways using pet- and children-friendly cleaning products
  • Use natural cleaning products and solutions
  • Wipe down all walls, windows and ceilings
  • Wipe down all drawers, inside and out
  • Remove water splashes from kitchen surfaces
  • Clean glass windows streak- and stain-free 
  • Polish all brass and other metals around the house

  • Clean and thoroughly sanitise lifts
  • Wipe down the kitchen and the surrounding areas
  • Wash all of the dishes, including plates, bowls, cups, appliances and cutlery
  • Sweep and dust all hard and soft surfaces
  • Collect all trash
  • Deep clean the carpets
  • Restock the bathroom with toilet paper, hand towels and hand soap
  • Sanitise toilet seats, door handles and vanities
  • Wipe down and clean stairways and handrails
  • Wipe down and polish mailboxes